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Death of FanVibe and its Rebirth

So your probably wondering what the hell is Gamer News Radio and what happened to the FanVibe Podcast. Well essentially Gamer news Radio is, in a way, FanVibe with a new name and a new crew. But due to a dispute and people being petty, we have decided to drop the name and go with Gamer News Radio. How did this all come about, you ask?

Well, I stepped down from hosting duties to focus on other things in my life, and well my cohost and supposed friends decided to take over and believed that I was leaving the show even though I said I wasn't and that I would be doing all the admin work behind the scenes. After a couple of months, things started to catch my attention, like the fact they removed me as an admin on the facebook page and I wasn't allowed to post on the twitter or the instagram accounts anymore. When I asked for the passwords and why I wasn't an admin, they gave me the run around and wouldn't give me a straight answer.

It was only after one the only loyal cohost told me that he was leaving the show is when everything clicked. They had pretty much driven him off because he didn't agree with what they where doing. So I confronted them about it and well was informed that FanVibe was moving on and that I was no longer need.

They accused me of not giving them credit, which is absolute bullshit, cause I always gave them credit. They also accused me of burying post cause I would post any nerdy news that popped up. They then told me that the show was being disbanded and they were creating a new show. To this day they refuse to give me back the facebook page and use it to advertise their pathetic new show (Which is a piece of crap, since without me, they are nothing).

Long story short, I created Fanvibe, spent 8 and half years getting it to where it was and it took them less than half an hour to ruin my hard work.

But out of the ashes of FanVibe, Gamer News Radio is born. They may claim to be the former FanVibe Podcast, but don't be fooled, Gamer News Radio is the real former FanVibe Podcast

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