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Wizards Unite Review

Wizards Unite

by Drew Kuethen (Founder)

When Niantic first announced their new augmented reality game, Wizards Unite, most of us were still enamored with Pokemon Go. At the time, it seemed like a weird idea for Harry Potter to become an augmented reality, but at the same time, we were all interested on how this would turn out. There were so many questions. Will we be playing as Harry Potter or will we be making our own character? Will it pretty much be Pokemon Go, but instead of Pokemon will we be capturing magical creatures? Will we be throwing pokeballs at Lord Voldemort.

Well now the game has finally been released and we got our hands on it and got to play around with it the past 2 days and no, you will not be throwing any pokeballs at Lord Voldemort. But there are magical creatures for you to collect as well as magical people and artifacts. So lets get to it. You do get to make your own character and whats even cooler is that you get to make your own wand. To make the wand, you have at least 25 different types of wood (Fir,Elm, Ebony, Hawthorn, Elder, Ash, ECT.) to choose from, each one with a description on how the wood is magically and what it would be good for. You can also choose between 3 different cores (Dragon Heart String, Unicorn Hair, and Phoenix Feather), again each with their own unique magical traits. You also choose the length of your wand as well as the flexibility.

After you do all that, your set to go out into the world and capture magical objects, Creatures and People. So how does this differ from Pokemon GO? Well, it does differ in many ways. Instead of pokestops, you have Inns and greenhouses. The Inns resupply your energy (Yes you do have limited energy) and greenhouses resupply your potion ingredients. Not quite sure what the Wizards Fortress does, but I’ll figure out that one out later. As for the capturing part, You use different spells depending on the situation of the thing you have to capture. Each item contains a fragment of that item will only be complete when you collect all the fragments. As for the whats similar to POGO, pretty much the locations are all the same.

This game is actually pretty good, but it still needs improvement. Like for the portkeys, you have to have the app open to be able to gain the correct amount of KM to be able to open them, as it doesn’t connect to your health apps on your phone like POGO does. Sometimes when you tap on an object to capture, the wait screen can be a bit long. Your on map avetar looks boring as hell, hopefully they’ll improve that. Also while you can add friends, you can’t see their picture when you click on their profile.

All in all this game is pretty solid for it just being released, So I’ll give it rating of 7/10. It’s good but it could be better.

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